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Access everything we have to offer with one subscription.

Premium Video Courses

Access all of our courses ($110 value) and get instant access to new courses as they're being created.

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Early Access to new Videos

No more waiting for the upload schedule. Get instant access to new videos as soon as they're ready.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Keep up with what Worn Off Keys is working on behind the scenes. Even vote on polls and offer feedback.

Worn Off Keys Bot Code

See how we run our Discord community by downloading the source code to our Discord bot.

Downtime Alerts

Get notified if your software ever goes down by setting up Downtime Alerts in our Discord server.

Discord Server Role

Stand out in our Discord with a role. Some perks listed on this page are delivered via this role.

Text Shoutouts

Get a shoutout at the end of my YouTube videos. Last names will be hidden, names must be appropriate.

Pricing Options

As new courses are created these prices will increase. This will not affect existing members as they keep their subscription for the price they signed up for unless they cancel.




Access everything we offer in one subscription.

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Subscribing yearly will give you 4 months for free.

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Get lifetime access to everything we will ever offer for just $30 more.

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Have you already enrolled in our courses?

Get a discount for lifetime access to "Worn Off Keys Pro" equal to the amount you have already spent on any of our courses.

Example: If you purchased the "Level Up Your Bot" course for $49.99 then lifetime access to "Worn Off Keys Pro" is only $99.99 instead of $149.99.

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What is not included?

You might be familiar with our Premium Memberships via YouTube, Patreon, and Discord. Here are the differences:

  • Worn Off Keys Pro does not offer a complimentary VPS server at this time. Only Member+ and Member++ tiers offer this perk.
  • Worn Off Keys Pro does not offer discounts to our premium courses. Pro subscriptions offer access to all of our courses at once.
  • Every other Premium Memberships perk is offered as part of Worn Off Keys Pro

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